Marli's Chi's - AKC Longcoat Chihuahuas 

of San Jose, California

 FAMILY ALBUM - page 3

"Lily" napping. Photo by new mom, Eva. "Dash" (right) teasing new friend "Lava" in this photo taken by new mom, Lee. "Angel" & "Rusty"  owned by Tammy.
"Miss Kitty" and "Buttercup" enjoying a fire. "Callie" is practicing to be a show dog! Photo by new mom, Nancy. "Girlie" shows off her new pink punk outfit! Photo by new mom, Racy
"Bambi" cuddling with his new mom Emily. "Picco" taking his first points in the show ring with his new mom, Iris. "Roxi" (puppy on right) with her new family.

"Petra" enjoying a hug from her new mom, Anne. New mom, Cindy, sent this photo of "Creamy". "Bandit" helps her new family unpack. Photo by new mom, Kathy.
"Gretchen" going for a car ride. Photo by new mom, Alana. "Lily" cuddling with her new kitty cat. Photo by new mom, Eva. "Peanut Butter", "Opie", and "Apollo" enjoying a snooze in the sun. Photo by new mom, Barbara.

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